Like rice

Rooty frozen products are a Finnish alternative to imported side dishes, such as instant noodles, rice, and wheat pasta. Behind Rooty products is a patented innovation that helps to shape potatoes into ribbon-like noodles and rice-like grains.

Unlike traditional instant noodles and pastas, Rooty frozen products are not mass-produced. The new innovation means that the noodles and rice-like grains can be manufactured from whole, fresh potatoes without additives or heavy processing.

The starch is washed off the potato during processing. The basic method is gentle on the potato and retains all of the potato’s important nutrients. The final product is still 100 % Finnish potato, but only 12 g of carbohydrates remain per 100 g of product.

Pan noodle can be used in cooking just like regular noodles or spaghetti. Potato Rice on the other hand, is just like rice, but made from potato. Both new products are additive-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, and low-carbohydrate options that are easy to cook in just a few minutes as they are pre-prepared.

Find Rooty products in your supermarket’s freezer aisle.